Write for Us

Viral Conversations is a blog aimed at helping new and small business owners understand and utlize social media and other forms of online communication by consumers (think Yelp or other review websites) to the benefit of their business.

Although most of the columns in Viral Conversation are written by regular, invited contributors, articles from freelance writers and/or marketing consultants are welcome. We don’t pay for guest posts, except via publicity from your bios on the site.

The Big Requirements

If your article does not meet the following requirements, it will not be published. If you feel you can meet them, move on to the section that explains how to pitch us a article.

  • The article is unique and is not published elsewhere on the web. We encourage you to share, quote sections or snippets elsewhere, just please don’t repost the entire article elsewhere.
  • The article is not promotional in nature. You may mention your product or website – if relevant – within an article, but you may not submit an article that is an advertorial for your product or service.
  • The article is edited for grammar and to fit the complete list of writer guidelines below. We don’t have time to edit your post for the basics.
  • The article also includes the required bio information listed in the bio guidelines below.
  • The article is between 600-1600 words. As long as it is within those parameters, make it “as long as it needs to be” to get your point or information across. If the article you’d like to submit is a lot shorter or a lot longer please let us know the reason.
  • The article is on a topic directly relevant to those covered at Viral Conversations. Not sure what that is? Spend some time getting familiar with the site and see what we’ve already written about.

Pitching an Article

If you’ve never pitched a guest article for a blog, we’d highly suggest you read 10 Proven Steps to Snag a Guest Post on an A-List Blog. And then read it again. We don’t really see the point of rewriting the same information here. Then pitch us by using our contact form.

Writer Guidelines

Please ensure that your article meets the following guidelines before uploading it for publication or sending it to us via email.

  • Try to keep your headlines as keyword focused as possible. For example “How to Save Money on a Las Vegas Vacation” is keyword focused, “How to Be a Tight Wad in Sin City” isn’t (we reserve the right to edit your title if needed.)
  • Please submit titles for your articles in Title Case.
  • Please make the first two sentences a strong lead in that makes readers want to continue reading the entire article.
  • Be clear in your title and lead in with what a reader can expect, we want follow the “Don’t Make Me Think” principle.
  • If you are quoting someone else please use the <blockquote> tag, and link to the source if possible.
  • If you need to use subheading within an article, they should be title cased and use the H3 tag.
  • Use italics, bold and exclamation points sparingly and only when needed.
  • Use lists if you need to in your posts, just use the proper HTML list tags.
  • Try to give your articles a conclusion, wrap up what you said into actionable advice or list of takeaway items.
  • Include links as needed, but try to avoid linking to any “bad neighborhood” or other “questionable” content sources. If linking to questionable links is necessary to make your point, please use the nofollow tag.
  • If you are writing in Microsoft word or any other rich text editor and are blogging directly via our WordPress backend, use the Microsoft Word import button. Check to make sure smart quotes, apostrophes or other characters weren’t translated into garbage. If you are not a regular columnist, please submit your article in a .txt file that has been edited to remove any and all rich text formatting.
  • Please keep all language and images safe for work.
  • You may include charts and images in your posts as needed, but images are not required. We will choose the primary post image.
  • If you are embedding a YouTube video in your post, please use the classic embed code and make the video size 480 x 390. You will have to paste the embed code in the HTML view as we don’t use any video plugins. Videos should be left aligned.
  • Please upload all images when adding your post via our WordPress backend and avoid using hotlinked images. If you are submitting your article via .txt format, please attach required images.
  • If you have a picture you prefer we use for the editorial “beauty shot” please send it in manually by email. It will need to be exactly 600×300 – no variation. You aren’t required to send in an editorial shot. We will provide one if you don’t. We also reserve the right to change it if we feel it’s needed.
  • Please make sure you have copyright or proper authorization to use any images you have included.
  • Please don’t create any new categories if blogging directly via our WordPress backend and instead use the existing ones. If you’re unsure of which category to place it within, leave it in “uncategorized” and we’ll place it for you.
  • If you want to use tags, you can try typing them into the tag box. If they come up as suggested feel free to use it. Don’t create new tags on your own. If you want to completely stay away from tagging, that’s fine as well.
  • If you are writing about someone who is a current client, past client, or with whom you have affiliation with that is beneficial to you or the other party, please disclose the relationship in the context of the article after mentioning it in parenthesis. [For instance, “Bob’s Pools (client) increased their revenue last year by 18% using the following tips…”] If it makes more sense you may disclose the relationship at the end of the article (or if the relationship is disclosed in your bio line, you don’t need to mention it “in article” at all.)

Please keep in mind this site is owned by two very experienced SEO pros. We know crap when we see it. We know disguised promotion when we see it. Since we allow you to promote, you don’t need to try and be stealth – simply keep it within our quality and disclosure guidelines and all’s good.

Bio Guidelines

This is the part where you get to promote yourself. We require TWO different bios from every author. We refer to one as the “Short Bio” and the other as the “Long Bio.” We also require you to submit photographs. You’ll find the bio guidelines below.

  • The Short Bio must be between 60-80 words and may include links.
  • The Long Bio must be between 180-240 words and may include links.
  • You must submit a 80×80 photograph in .jpg or .png form to appear in your Short Bio. It may not be of a logo, cartoon or any other animation. It must be a picture of you, the author. No exceptions.
  • Every author needs to have a Gravatar account and submit the email address that they use for their Gravatar account to us with their article. This photo is used in the Long Bio. No exceptions.