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by Michael Gray on December 1, 2008 in Marketing

Pop star Pink recently published an iPhone app that hopes to use social media to engage her fan base. The synergy between music and the iPhone is very strong, and there’s a lot this application gets right. In this article we’ll be taking a look at those aspects and making suggestions for improvements.

This application was released to tie in with her new album Funhouse, so it’s only natural that THAT’S the first and most important part of the application. Clicking on the music icon brings you to a playlist with all of the tracks from the album. You can listen to a 30 second preview, and buy each of the tracks individually. They could have increased sales revenue by adding the ability to buy music videos for $1.99 or to purchase tracks from older albums as well.

The next section has news, and is probably the weakest tab of the application. Clicking news brings you to a list of news items. Clicking into each news item gives you the details of the story. The most recent story in this app is from October 22nd. This tab needs to updated more frequently. Publishing unique device only updates would be ideal, but taking an RSS feed from the blog on her website would also work and allow a better use of publishing resources.

The next tab of the app is for images, and has a series of about 10 different images of Pink. This is another well executed part of the application. Two suggestions for improvement would be 1) updating images over time with concert, TV, or public appearances, and 2) allowing the images to be set as a wallpaper or emailed to a friend, would improve functionality. You can use the HOME+TOP button to take a screenshot and get the same effect, but adding the functionality into app would be an improvement.

The last tab has information about Pink, a discography, biographical information, and link to the official website.  The information that’s missing are her upcoming appearances and concert dates; the information is available on the events section of her website and should be added to the device. Additionally, by taking some of the content from the forum and community section of her website the social nature of the application would grow to the next level.

Overall the application is good and stronger than many other musician and entertainment based iPhone apps, but it feels like a stand alone app for short term use, not a long term community building and social media tool.

The preceding has been part of an occasional series of iPhone social media and viral marketing applications. You can see more of these posts by using the iPhone application tag.

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