Sometimes we might review a product or service on the Viral Conversations site. If we believe it’s a good product, and the merchant selling said product or service has an affiliate program, we have no issue referring other people to a good product or service with an affiliate link. This means we might be paid a commission if you buy the product we’ve recommended.

Additionally, at times you may find us recommending services of folks who pay a flat fee to advertise on this site.

Why are we explaining this?

The FCC requires us to because some unscrupulous marketers have no qualms recommending products they either know are bad or have never even tried simply to make a quick buck. Some website owners will talk about paying advertisers simply because they’re paying. And they don’t care if the products and services are good. Their reputations are for sale.

We (the owners of Viral Conversations) aren’t willing to sell our reputation at any price.

We don’t require companies be advertisers or have affiliate programs to be discussed, listed or recommended on this site. We recommend based on merit and not incentives. Sometimes there is overlap and sometimes not.

Please note that we also have guest authors who we cannot guarantee (or require) do not have associations with products or companies they may talk about or recommend. We simply hope (and believe) we’ve found good people offering good information based on helping out you – the reader.


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