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Neil DuPaul

Upon graduating college smack dab in the middle of an economic recession Neil found himself soon pursuing a career that had nothing to do with his field of study.

He started designing websites first as a hobby, soon for family members or friends and not long after he officially became a freelance web designer with his first paying client. Since then he’s delved headfirst into a world of SEO, SEM and affiliate marketing and he hasn’t looked back.

Neil is a budding entrepreneur and jack of all trades assistant at Sugarrae, Inc. In addition to his role here at Viral Conversations he also contributes to Speedy Incorporation as a Marketing Associate.

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In September of this year, photojournalist Vincent Laforet went to the Canon headquarters for a meeting with executive David Sparer. Laforet, who sometimes works for Canon as an “Explorer of Light” (a photographer who works to improve camera performance), couldn’t have had better timing. As he was heading to his meeting, the first prototype of the Canon 5D MKII to hit the US were arriving at the Canon offices. The 5D MKII, which shoots high definition 1080p video at 30fps and 21 megapixel stills, is a huge leap in camera technology, and Laforet wanted to be the first to get his hands on it. Canon agreed to let him use the camera for the weekend to shoot a video and stills, but told him that it would be an entirely independent project (meaning that Laforet would have to fund it himself), and if they liked what he produced, they would consider putting up his footage on the website. The film did make it onto the website, and gave camera enthusiasts a chance to see the amazing picture quality on Canon’s new model. Below is the “making of” video.

(view full video on Cannon’s website)

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